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Rainbow Dash: "Rarity, what kind of Lollipops where those?"

Rarity: "It says here "Specter Lollipop - So delicious, you'll forget time even exists!"."

Rainbow Dash: "Well that's one mystery solved, now how do we get back to our own time?"

Rarity: "This is the future, maybe time travel?"

*Sudden Phase Distortion*

Pinkie Pie: "Did someone call for one bending of Space and Time?"

Rarity and Dash: "...."

Pinkie Pie: "Hold onto your hats, then!"

*Phase Distortion, Part 2*


Pinkie Pie: "That was fun!"

Rarity: "Urgh..."

Rainbow: "I think I lost my lunch..."

Pinkie Pie: "How about you, Derp-Borg 9000?"

*Derp-Borg 9000 World Domination Sequence Initiated*

Pinkie Pie: "Whoops!"


Hello all, how has your weekend been treating you?

For tonight's question, what are your thoughts on time travel and where would you go if you did decide to travel?

I myself am comfortable right where I am, I will leave the whole time travel thing to the pros ;)

Til' next time, have a good day/night!


MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and its AWESOME writers.
Master Plan
Rarity: "Okay, what about supply shortage?"

Twilight:" Check!"

Rarity:" Meteor Showers?"

Twilight: "Check!"

Rarity:"Pinkie Pie Fueled Chaos?"

Twilight:"...Uh, Maybe?"

Sassy Saddle: "That would be a NO..."


Evening all, sorry for the LONG pause on comics, been trying out a slightly newer style :)

For tonight's question, how often do you swear by checklist?

I use more that care to answer ;)


MLP FiM copyright Hasbro and its awesome writers :) 
Just a journal listing my entries into  Equestria Daily's Super Excellent Awesome-rific Artist Training Grounds!!

I missed day 1 and it will probably not be the only one.

But I am going to give it my all, so we will see :)

Day 2: Top Secret Orders

Secret Orders by Zztfox

Day 3: Picnic Gear

Picnic Gear by Zztfox

Day 4: *Growing* Up

*Growing* Up! by Zztfox


Day 5: No Apples Here

No Apple Poni Here by Zztfox


Day 6: A Winner is Woona

A Winner is Woona by Zztfox
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Your source of Pixel'd Equines :)





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