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Pony Glitch (Featuring McSmiles)
Long overdue piece of art for the awesome Banditmax201 ,thanks for the patience!


So, ponies and computers should they exist in the same room?

Do they know computer-y secrets not meant for humans?

And, most importantly, HOW DO THEY EVEN USE THOSE TINY KEYS?!


Hope the new year is treating everyone right.

Til' next time then guys :)

MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and made awesome by its EXCELLENT writers :)
Thanks for all the Happy Birthday's from you guys!

I am still working on stuff, just nothing really related to MLP at the moment ;)
I'm am going to start posting weekly updates on my current game projects/progress as a way to keep you guys up to date and me (hopefully) on task ;)



Title Test  2-2 by Zztfox


My newest project will be following the adventure of Banditmax201's OC, McSmiles, after he stumbles across a map that leads to a treasure trove of Rubies, which he loves!

In fact he actually feeds on Rubies as a power source, due to having a crystal heart instead of a regular one!

Back on subject, your task will be guiding him around many different environments as he tries to locate said treasure.

So lets get you acquainted, Say hello McSmiles!

 McSmiles INTRO-2 by Zztfox
Look like he is looking forward to our adventure as well!



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United States
Your source of Pixel'd Equines :)





Also support me on Patreon to keep my games FREE (and you can get your name in the Credits :) )


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Sorry for the late reply, been so busy lately.
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